Monday, October 2nd


How long have you been CrossFitting? Who got you started?

My friend Lindsey Hogan helped me through my first CrossFit experience in 2013 when my youngest baby had just turned 1. I loved it, but I wasn’t very consistent until I began attending here in 2016.

What about CrossFit keeps you coming back for more?

I LOVE my CrossFit friends. I love how encouraging our group is…how the loudest cheers are for the last one finishing. I appreciate being pushed to be better and having others who share in your happiness when you see success. I love that our WODS have the perfect marriage of consistency + unpredictability. You are certainly never bored, here!

What results have you seen since you began CrossFit…mental, physical or otherwise?

I am the best version of myself since starting CrossFit…that’s not to say I have “arrived” because the wonderful thing about CrossFit is there are always new goals to shoot for once you’ve achieved one…but I am stronger both mentally and physically, I have energy to keep up with my busy kiddos, I have my own outlet outside of being Mom + Wife that makes me so much better in everything else I do!

Tell us a favorite memory from your CrossFit BLK career so far.

I loved participating in Murph this year. It was my second time and I was amazed at how much better I felt/performed versus last year. It is nice to feel like your hard work is paying off. And it was so fun to partner with such sweet friends, Janet and Jinger!

What are your favorite/least favorite CrossFit movements?

Favorites: cleans, presses, deadlifts

Least Favorites: BURPEES!!!

What movement are you looking most forward to achieving?

SO many…ha! The day I can finally do pull-ups unassisted will be a good day.

What are your fitness goals for the rest of 2017?

My goal is to stay consistent and to push myself each day to be better than the day before…and hopefully an unassisted pull-up can be a by-product of that!

What is something your CrossFit family may not know about you?

Although I am full-time Mom Squad now (Cal 11, Gray 8, Jo 5), I have both my bachelors and masters degrees in Health and Human Performance from OSU…Go Pokes! I worked for five years as an Exercise Physiologist before I had my first baby…I LOVE all things wellness. I climbed my first 14er (Mt. Elbert, Colorado) last summer with my Dad…it was amazing! I love my CrossFit BLK family and I am so thankful to be a part of this community!!

UPDATE: Since being kind enough to answer these questions, Carri has gotten her first unassisted kipping pull-up!!!!


  1. Beth says:

    Carri keep up the good work. You are doing so good.

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