School Is Out!!

Sunday, June 3rd


We love your kids! We love your lead-by-example, no-excuses take on parenting and are truly thrilled you bring them to the gym with you!!  We want them to make their own friends in here and to start the next generation #fitfam for CrossFit Black.  We want this to happen in the safest way possible, while we honor your time! Below are a few things to keep in mind while they are visiting:

Please remember that we are coaches, not daycare providers. Our trainers are here to keep the athletes safe, coached and motivated. If we are occupied with other things we cannot provide you the quality product we are proud to offer.

If you will not direct your child in the gym, we will.  In the most respectful way, we will make certain your child stays safe.  Safety is our priority for your children.  We need your help to make sure the rules are followed, but if we do not have it, we will remind them of the rules and ensure the safety of the gym as a whole.

Children are not allowed on the gym floor during the workout.  It is up to the trainer to designate an area they feel comfortable with the kids staying during the workout.  This can often be the green area, the blue mat, the benches, outside, kids room, etc., is at the discretion of the trainer and will be based on what equipment is being used and the flow of the class that day.

180 Fitness has their own set of rules.  This includes not allowing children under the age of 18 on the gym floor.  We must follow their rules and be respectful of their space, this includes not running to and from the bathroom, being loud, playing in the locker room or making a mess of the kids room.

Teens working with the group is done on a case by case basis. Please discuss your teens desire to workout with Emily and we will make a plan to get them going.  We love active kids and teens!!

The gym is an adult space.  We do our best to be aware and respectful of the audience, adult or child, but it is an adult space.  There is likely to be a bad word (in person or in a song), a shirt might come off, it’s loud, we drink beer on Friday nights…  It’s an adult space.

Please pick up after your children.  Food, trash, moved equipment…we all do it.  Let’s all work hard to clean up after ourselves.

The gym is FUN.  We want your children here!  We want them to have fun, to see you having fun, and to see you how fun staying active is.

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