Introduction Class


One time starter price.

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month for our Introduction Class.  We believe this is the safest, friendliest, and most effective way to get started with CrossFit. In this class, we will spend time covering the 9 fundamental CrossFit movements. We will touch on lifting basics and refine our lines of movement. Each class will end with a short WOD to show the intensity a CrossFit workout should bring!  This class is for beginners looking to learn more about CrossFit and how our classes flow!

Full Membership


Billed month-to-month.

We have 24 classes per week, all lead by our qualified coaches. Each class offers an organized, fun, and effective approach to getting the WOD done! This membership gives unlimited access to classes, free nutrition advice, lifting cycles and coaching, and access to the best community in town!

Couples Membership


Billed month-to-month

Play together, Stay together!  This membership includes all the Full Membership benefits for you and your significant other.



All forms of payment accepted

This membership package includes all the same benefits of the Full Membership, plus the benefits of performing and looking better both in and out of your uniform, at a discounted rate.  A small thank you to the community of individuals who do so much for all of us.

Teacher/ Student


Billed month-to-month

Let out your stress from hours spent in the classroom with this discounted membership package, which includes all the same benefits of the Full Membership.

Discounted Couples Membership


Billed month-to-month

Play together, Stay together! You and your significant other can enjoy all the benefits of the full membership package at a discounted rate.  Thank you for what you are doing to make our community a smarter and safer place.



Billed month-to-month

Whether you are traveling through or just popping in from another gym, dropping-in for one of our classes is a great way to get a workout when you need it! You should be a current CrossFitter, proficient in the basic movements, have a great attitude and show a few minutes early to sign a waiver.

Add Ons

There are currently no package add-ons for memberships. Please check back soon for package add-ons.

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