Mogadishu Mile

Monday, October 3rd


4 Rounds

19 Kettlebell Ground-to-Overheads (53/35 lb)

19 Kettlebell Front Squats (53/35 lb)

19 Kettlebell Push-Ups (each hand)

400 meter Kettlebell Run

The symbolism of the “Mogadishu Mile:”
– You cover a total distance of one mile. Even though the soldiers actually walked between 2.5 and 3 miles depending on their starting point, it has become known as a “mile”. You carry your Kettlebell during the run to symbolize the gear the soldiers carried.
– 19 reps to one honoring each soldier of Task Force Ranger killed during the battle and the day after.
– Ground-to-Overheads as the soldiers held up their rifles the entire time
– Squats as they sought cover behind anything available
– Push-Ups as they fell to the ground and had to get back up
– Don’t let the Kettlebell go – symbolic for the dedication the soldiers showed towards their creed to “not leave a man behind.”

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